4 Ways Teens Bypass Parental Control Software and How You Can Battle Back

You’ve lectured them for hours and preached to them for days about using their device responsibly.  Then you find out they’ve been spending time on THAT social site which might make the most mature adult cringe.  You confiscate their cellphone and threaten to never return it if you ever catch them on the site again.  After their look of disgust, … Read More

Stemming the Surge of Sextortion in Cyberspace

After he emailed thousands of people, one 20-year-old victim opened the file and opened the door for him to access her passwords, files, and everything on her computer, including her webcam. His sextortion included threatening to publicly post victims’ intimate content (e.g. pictures, videos) if they did not do what he asked.  When raided by the FBI, his cache included … Read More

Why Kik Should be Kicked Out of Your Child’s Suite of Apps

Why Kik Should be Kicked Out of Your Child’s Suite of Apps “Mom, everyone has it.  They have so many fun games….If I can’t have it I’ll be the only one of my friends who doesn’t!”, pleads your 15-year-old. You used to have to worry about sites, such as AOL Messenger, MySpace, and Facebook but now the new flavor of … Read More