Stemming the Surge of Sextortion in Cyberspace

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After he emailed thousands of people, one 20-year-old victim opened the file and opened the door for him to access her passwords, files, and everything on her computer, including her webcam. His sextortion included threatening to publicly post victims’ intimate content (e.g. pictures, videos) if they did not do what he asked.  When raided by the FBI, his cache included … Read More

How to Get Reluctant Classroom Customers to Buy Your Curricular Content?

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Sell Them on You Then Your Content  You would probably agree that the main duty of teachers is to facilitate the process of learning, but does any of that involve selling? Is it not true that teachers have an inventory of solutions, strategies, skills, ideas, competencies, and knowledge that they continuously try to get the curricular consumers (i.e., students) to … Read More

Using Questioning as a Tool to Stimulate Deeper Thinking

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What’s one of the most important elements of any dialogue or discussion? If you were thinking the exchange of ideas or the asking and answering of questions, you’re absolutely right.  Questions such as, “May I have your telephone number?”, or “Will you marry me?”, are important ways information  is exchanged in everyday life. Of course, classroom dialogue or discussion is … Read More

How Do You Begin To Engage Students In Scientific Explanation?

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Mixing things together, building things, and observing interesting phenomena keeps your room abuzz with enthused and engaged students. Have you noticed that the when you ask students to use data to support claims and explain what they’ve done the engagement tends to make a quick exit? They love the hands-on but often loathe supporting what they’ve done with evidence and … Read More